means Cycles of Rhythmical beats.

Avarthanas, a Musical Event, was originally inaugurated in order to give a chance for children to show their musical skills and talents, especially on South Indian percussion instruments, on stage in front of an audience. This was first staged in1997 in a School hall in Wembley with a few children, and their parents for help.

Business community along with the professional academics appreciated the skills and talents of children and, persuaded the founders that the show should move over to a bigger venue in order to promote cultural values to the younger generation through Music and Art. Since 1998, Avarthanas moved to Beck Theatre in Hayes, Middlesex.

Due to the growing demand and the complexity with organising such a large-scale show, those involved with Avarthanas formed a committee in the year 2000 and elected officials to be responsible for specific duties so as to share the workload and be more efficient and effective.

We are Registered Charity in England & Wales – Charity No 1114601

Purpose of Avarthanas

Avarthanas began with strong emphasis on South Indian percussion instruments, as the teacher who began and organised this event was a South Indian Percussionist. As the years have progressed, so too have the range of instruments on show

Avarthanas now has children playing different instruments such as Veena, Flute, Violin, Sitar, Mirdangam (Double sided Drum) Gatam, and Morsing Tabla and so on. In the Last few years, the integration of these instruments with western instruments such as Drums, Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet etc., has become very popular among the eastern and western audiences.

Some of the children who have achieved higher standard have gone on to perform in prestigious venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Logan hall,Fairfield Halls, to name a few in front of a larger audience

Avarthanas bases all activities upon the following objectives and goals:                

*To provide a centre for learning the South Asian Culture, Art and Music (in which percussion instruments are taken as a main goal).

*To promote and encourage young and highly skilled, talented children to move forward and become qualified Musicians.

*To focus on the basic knowledge of the Culture which could be transferred from teacher to pupil.

*To train successive generations of teachers to pass on such knowledge.

*To provide venues for visiting Artistes (internationally acclaimed) from abroad in order to allow the children to learn from this, and gain stage experience at a higher level

*To exchange teachers and Artistes with other schools in the UK and abroad to interact and acquire more knowledge.

Activities of Avarthanas


*Regular Workshops and tuitions on fine-arts/percussions.

*Students Participation in recognised talent competitions.

*Organising music concerts and student showcases.

*Fund raising programme for worthy causes

* Liasing with other fine arts schools in providing accomapanying artistes.

*Participation of children and teachers in religious functions.

Achievements of Avarthanas

The very first students of Avarthanas back in 1997 are now qualified tutors in the fine art of percussion. Their students in turn participate and perform in Avarthanas. As mentioned before, many students have gone on to perform at the highest level in some of the most prestigious venues not just in the United Kingdom but abroad as well.

Avarthanas proudly states that some of its students have gone on to win Music Scholarships through the recognised competitions and  auditions held at the mainstream schools

Besides the development of students, which is hard to quantify, Avarthanas most notable achievements lie in their involvement with fundraising.


Avarthanas organises another event called Kalai Karangal. This directly means Musical Talent. This event began as a one off fundraiser in the year 2002. However, due to its success it has now become an annual event. The proceeds of this event over the last 4 years have been sent to the following worthy organisations:

2002 – Jaffna General Hospital Development Association (Sri Lanka)

2003 – Jaffna General Hospital Development Association  (Sri Lanka)

2004—Nuffield School of Deaf and Blind (Sri Lanka)

2005– Manikavasagar Orphanage (Sri Lanka)


10th Annual Event of Avarthanas

This year’s concert will be the 10th year of celebration, which in itself is a major milestone for not only us, but for the entire Tamil community. We, at Avarthanas, on behalf of our children, wish to make this event a memorable one. Due to the growth of Avarthanas over the past 10 years, we have found it difficult in accommodating the number of participants and audience in the current auditorium. And so, the committee have decided to move to a larger venue. After looking at different theatres and halls and its availabilities all around London we have secured a concert Theatre, in Croydon which strategically situates to accommodate people from north and south of river Thames, with capacity of approximately 1500 seating.

In honour of this  this occasion, we have also invited internationally acclaimed artistes from South India and Sri Lanka to perform on the day, along with the Avarthanas students, giving them a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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